Electronic Road Weighbridges:   (Pit less or pit mounted)

Sizes available:   8 x 14 feet,  10 x 20 feet,  10 x 25 feet,   10 x 30 feet,  10 x 40 feet, 10 x 50 feet,
Capacity: (tons)    10 to 15       15 to 25       30 to 50     40 to 70      50 to 80       60 to 100
Sizes available    10 x 60 feet,   10 x 80 feet,
Capacity:  (tons)      60 to 150     100 to 200                  



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A Truck scale / weighbridge is a large set of scales, usually mounted permanently on a concrete foundation, that is used to weigh entire road vehicles and their contents. The load carried by the vehicle is calculated by weighing the vehicle both empty and loaded. The key component that uses a weighbridge in order to make the weigh measurement is load cells. Hassan Ali Scales can meet specific needs for loading stations requiring large-dimension or large-capacity weighbridges.

We offer Electronic Weighbridges from 10 ton to 150 ton in various sizes from 7.5m x 3m to 16m x 3m. These pitless Weighbridges incorporate heavy duty load cells and rugged construction for long life. Weighbridge software is ideal for effective truck management and report generation on the basis of date, time, vehicle no, Party, Material, etc.

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