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hanginscale 50 ton wireless

Function characteristics: 1AD uses the 24bit high precision and low noise chip, about 1000000 code to ensure the accurate; 2 instruments used in ultra low power CPU, longer battery life, full of a 3 working days; 3 wireless two-way control, conventional communication distance of 200 meters, a control switch scale body machine (according to customer requirements to achieve 500 meters); 4 large screen dot matrix display, can display the whole Chinese national, level two Chinese characters, English, numbers and symbols, and a backlight; 5 dot matrix printer, print all Chinese Chinese characters, English, numbers and symbols; 6 the 64 channel wireless module, to ensure that no same frequency interference; The launch of 7AD and the instruments used in intelligent power management, to extend the battery life; 8 intelligent dynamic filtering, the result of the swing weighting not object; 9 instruments and AD can change, without the need to re calibration; 10 kinds of print format, convenient weighing data statistics; 11 annex optional wired or wireless large screen, computer weighing management software; The 12 signal without receiving signal, no operation after 5 minutes automatic shutdown; 13 new national standard, two font full Chinese Pinyin, location Chinese characters input and print; 14 new unit input, it can automatically calculate the total value of the goods, to facilitate the sale of goods.

crane scales OCS series

Electronic Crane Scale Viewing Indicator 80 Hours Durable Function High Accuracy Full tare function Auto zero tracking Accumulating function Weight holding function Abundant and friendly operation interface 6v Power Supply, Rechargeable Battery It switches off automatically when low voltage,and has auto control function when charging. Auto shut-off LED Display Screen, Clear and Easy to Read in Darkness Simple Operation Wireless Zero Controller (Optional)

crane scales 10 ton

Red professional household electronic crane scale 3 ton images supply digital hanging scale 3 ton for industry electronic og hanging scale 3 ton digital wireless crane ocs xs f1 endeavour 1 ton 2 3 5 and 10 up to 60