Animal Weighing Scales

Digital Animal Weighing Scales:

Available Sizes (Feet): 4X6, 4X7, 3X8, 4X8 Capacities (kgs):1000 Kg, 2000 Kg, 2500 Kg, 3000 Kg, 4000 Kg Platform Material: Mild Steel platforms, Mad by Channels, Double frame Top Covers: Checkered With cage of 03 Feet, 02 Side open (Made by Round or Squire Pipes)

animal scale 4x6 feet heavy duty

Meximum Capacity-2000kg, Accuracy-500g, Platform size-(40X80)Inc, Platform thickness-4mm, Item Specifications Warranty Period : Three Years Stock : In Stock Origin : China Discount : No Accessories : Available Brand : Mega Platform size : (40 X 80)inc Maximum weight : 2000 Kg Accuracy : 500g Specifications 1. Reliable Structure 2. With OIML and CE approved load cells. 3. The design is unique, and the doors are opposite with locks 4. The surface adopts paint with excellent corrosion resistance. 5. Stainless steel material makes the range of application is wider. This scale is widely used in the livestock slaughter industry. The high-precision dynamic weighing system makes the scale more convenient in the weighing process. Due to the weighing occasions are special, all the livestock scales are customized. The animal weighing scale is an essential device for weighing small animals, a necessity for every veterinary clinic. The animal weighing scales is equipped with an RS-232 interface, allowing the vet to save the weight indicator of an animal and use it later. The optional software kit allows further evaluation and analysis of the weight. The animal weighing scale is solid and made of stainless steel. A good example is the PCE-PM series with a stainless steel weighing pan and IP 54 which protects it against dust and water splash. This type of protection refers to both the weighing pan and the control pad. Disinfecting and cleaning the animal weighing scale is easy to perform. Our high quality animal weighing scale comes with a two year guarantee. Product Description • Heavy-duty MS Platform With Rugged Structure. • Cage Set-up with Front & Back Door Options. • Works on Both AC & Built in Rechargeable Battery saving features • Bright JUMBO LED GREEN Display • Zero/Tare to deduct weight of mattress or pad on platform. • Portable and Compact Design Model, Powder Coated Finishing • Build in Rechargeable Battery • 4 Load cell System* Optional • Standard RS232 Interface Optional • Customized size available • Easy Installation with leveling feet