pos solutions


Cash Registers:

1 POS Solution in Karachi, Complete Point of Sale Solutions, POS Systems 3

  ECR (China) (Japan)  

 30 One Touch Memories. 

  (Up to 5000   PLUs)   

CASIO SE-S10 (Japan)

20 One Touch Memories.

   (Up to 500   PLUs)   

   CASIO SE-C300

72 One Touch Memories.

     (Up to 2000   PLUs)

Bar code solutions:


4 POS Solution in Pakistan, Complete Point of Sale Solution by Hassan Ali & Co, POS Systems 6

    Barcode printer Scale

(Store Up to 4000   PLUs)  

     Barcode Scanners
  Barcode Readers  



Cash Counting Machines:


9 8 7


(Lose Note Counting) 

   Aurora BNC-4000

   (Packet Counting)      

   Aurora V10

   (Lose Note Counting) 


Hassan Ali & Co. provides complete Point of Sale (POS) Solutions...
POS Terminal, Barcode Scanner, Barcode Label Printer, POS Printer, POS Accessories, Dynamic Cash Registers, Cash Counting Machines and POS Systems for quick accurate transactions and easy end of day reporting.



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